• Loqate: An English data specialist that uses data in their products for validating addresses.
  • Aareon: Europe's largest supplier of software for real estate companies (commercial and social), outsourcing and consultancy.
  • Itix: offer ticketing software for performing arts organisations.

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There are 2 partner models available to choose from, so you can choose the most suitable model for you.

All-in-one model

With the all-in-one model you will have one account and you can serve all your customers from this one account. You can choose to use one key and secret, or you can create an individual set of credentials per customer.

You pay for the usage by paying 2x the tier price and this tier is based on the number of requests. The subscription is automatically upgraded for the current subscription year when the tier is reached.

With this model it is not possible to see the number of requests per individual customer in the account, only the total number of requests is visible. If you would like to track the usage per individual customer you have accomodate this yourself.

This model does not have a kick-back fee because it is already included in the total price. The All-in-one model is especially suitable for many (small) end users, because there is no need for a separate subscription for each customer.

Separate Account Model

With this model you can create an account for the customer so that he has his own account and subscription. As Admin you can create multiple accounts / subscriptions, and end them again.

You can choose where you want the invoice to be sent when you create the account. The invoice can be sent to yourself if you want to invoice the customer yourself, or you can have the invoice sent directly to the customer. You are free to pass on a surcharge to the customer if you choose to receive the invoice yourself. The invoices are sent in the month that the account is taken into production. The customer's subscription is automatically upgraded for the current subscription year when the tier is reached.

With the separate account model you can expect a kick-back fee of 10%. This works as follows: you report all active accounts once a year and which tier they currently have. So if your customer has an API subscription running several years, you will receive the kick-back fee for that customer each year.

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