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Tier prices are including validations. Up to the Tier amount you can perform a mix of validations. Prices and quantities are per year.

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International Address API

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
1,667 validations(€0.03 each)5,405 validations(€0.0185 each)17,730 validations(€0.0141 each)44,248 validations(€0.0113 each)106,383 validations(€0.0094 each)
  • Germany
1,250 validations(€0.04 each)3,049 validations(€0.0328 each)8,333 validations(€0.03 each)18,315 validations(€0.0273 each)40,000 validations(€0.025 each)

Dutch Postcode API

  • The Netherlands
12,500 validations(€0.004 each)40,650 validations(€0.00246 each)133,333 validations(€0.001875 each)333,333 validations(€0.0015 each)800,000 validations(€0.00125 each)

Which Tier do I need?

Enter the desired number of validations to calculate which Tier best fits your usage. Not sure about the necessary Tier? You can always start on a lower Tier, your subscription will be automatically upgraded to a matching Tier based on your usage.

International Address API
Dutch Postcode API

Recommended Tier

Tier :

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DatabasePrice per year (excl. VAT) 
Dutch National Postcode and address database BASIC€655Order
Dutch National Postcode and address database PRO€1,089Order
Postcode GEO€415Order
Postcode Drivetime€1,000Order

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