Official names

All the municipality, city and street names are compliant with official governmental data. For example the official name of The Hague is "'s-Gravenhage" instead of "Den Haag".

Official boundaries

Addresses are always assigned to the correct city and municipality, regardless of the numerical part of the postcode. Places such as Buurmalsen and Sibculo are used correctly in two municipalities, which only exist in one municipality in the PTT / PostNL database.

The difference between Basic and Pro

The Basic database contains only the range of a postcode (e.g.; even numbers 2–10). The Pro database contains all available individual house numbers of a postcode (e.g.; numbers 2, 4, 6, 10). With the Pro database you can accurately determine if a specific house number exists (in the example: number 8 does not exist). The Basic database contains fewer records and is therefore smaller and can be searched much faster.

  • Over 650,000 postcode and house number ranges
  • Suitable for i.a. automatic completion of official addresses

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The city and street names are compliant with official governmental data.

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The official notation

Non-official addressOfficial address
Bestevaerstraat 1
Bestevåerstraat 1
1056 HD Amsterdam
Jan Fabriciusstraat 1
Jan Fabriciusstraat 1
8571 AK 2E Exloërmond
Burgemeester Baron van Voerst Van Lyndenstr 5
Burgemeester Baron van Voerst Van Lyndenstraat 5
7783 BC Gramsbergen

Subscribe to the Database Basic

If you opt for a subscription, you can download the database in any of the formats below and implement them immediately. You decide when you update (per week, month, quarter or year). The National Postcode Database Basic is now available as a merged database in UTF-8 and / or ASCII and in the following database formats:

  • CSV
  • Microsoft SQL (opt. APPLY)
  • ANSI SQL (opt. APPLY)
  • Oracle, Sybase, MySQL


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