You can also use the coordinates for displaying locations in Google Maps, or to automate route planning. Depending on your needs you can get coordinates for individual addresses, postcodes, postcode areas or cities.

Two coordinate systems provided

The coordinates are supplied in both the WGS84 latitude and longitude format (Lat/Lon) and the "Rijksdriehoekstelsel" format (RD). RD coordinates are a simple system specific to the Netherlands, allowing for very simple distance calculations.

Available databases

House"1234AB 123ab", Postcode, house number and additionRD + Lat/Lon
Postcode"1234AB", PostcodeRD + Lat/Lon
5XY"1234A", Partial postcodeRD + Lat/Lon
4XY"1234", Partial postcodeRD + Lat/Lon
4XYW"1234 Amsterdam", Partial postcode and cityRD + Lat/Lon
€466 / year
  • Lat/Lon and RD Coordinates
  • Simple distance calculations
  • Per house, postcode or city provides solutions for: