Basic versionProfessional version
Price€ 670,00 ex. VAT (per year)€ 1.115,00 ex. VAT (per year)
UpdatesWeekly, monthly, quarterly or yearlyWeekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
DatabaseMergedMerged and/or normalised
Database typeCSV, PCTR, Microsoft SQL and ANSI SQL (Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, etc.)CSV, Microsoft SQL, ANSI SQL
(Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, etc.)
UTF-8ASCII also availableASCII also available
DetailPostcode rangePostcode range and individual house number
Lot infonoyes
Unique keysnoyes (Governmental and en
Number of recordsApproximately 650,000Approximately 9,000,0000

Demo files

Below you will find the demo files for the Dutch Postcode database. A demo file consists of three parts: An initial file, a mutation file and the end file matching what the database should look like after the execution of the mutation file. The technical structure of the databases, the recorded data and possible processing methods are described in the Technical document for the Postcode database. A demo file contains all postal code data from the province of North Holland, in the period of week 17 and week 18 of 2012. Ordinary and applied SQL versions have different mutation formats. The applied version contains direct SQL statements.

Database versionsANSI SQLANSI SQL
Basic version
Merged ASCII + UTF-8 Download Download Download Download Download
Professional version
Normalised ASCII + UTF-8 Download Download Download Download Download
Merged ASCII + UTF-8 Download Download Download Download Download

Demo file PCTR (CRM compatible)

Some CRM systems (such as AX Dynamics) expect a specific fixed length columns format, also called the PCTR file format. The demo PCTR file below is based on the same format, and should work in most systems. The demo file also contains a PCTMUTR file with mutations to test the processing of mutations. The PCTR demo file contains a selection of the following postcode areas: 1761, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 3051 and 9084, time period January 2012.

Download PCTR demo file (Database Basic version)

Update methods

The mutations for the Dutch Postcode database can be supplied on two methods:

How to order

The Dutch Postcode database can be ordered online. On working days you will receive the Dutch Postcode database the same day!