Nationale Postcodedatabase Basic

From€734 / year
  • Suitable for i.a. automatic completion of official addresses
  • Over 625,000 postcode and house number ranges

Nationale Postcodedatabase Pro

From€1,222 / year
  • Suitable for i.a. automatic completion and validation of official addresses
  • Ruim 9.000.000 adressen in bestand
  • Including geo coordinates for determining the location
  • Additional object information

The similarity

  • High quality data
  • Official spelling
  • Select update intervals; weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Easy to integrate with standard database formats

The difference between BASIC and PRO

The Basic database contains only the range of a postcode (e.g.; even numbers 2–10). The Pro database contains all available individual house numbers of a postcode (e.g.; even numbers 2,4,6,10). With the Pro database you can exactly determine if a house number exists (in the example: number 8 does not exist). The Basic database contains less records and is therefore smaller and can be searched through much faster.

Time to switch

The city and street names are compliant with official governmental data.

Need advice?

Postcodecheck GEO

The Geo package consist of address coordinates, ranging from house number level to city coordinates. By using these coordinates you can make distance calculations so that your visitors can immediately find your nearest location. You can also easily identify locations via Google Maps.


Postcodecheck Drivetime Matrix

The Drive Time Matrix is a table containing travel times and distances between the 4 position postcode areas. From now on there is no need use complicated maps or slow route software!


Curious how it works?

Download our demo files for testing.