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Autocomplete addresses using one single API

With the International Address API you are assured of accurate addresses in your webshop and company. All your customers and/or employees can fill in addresses faster and error-free using the autocomplete function. This enables your system to recognise and correct incorrect addresses before they actually are entered in your system.

You can use the address auto complete in your webshop, site or office system, but the possibilities go even further. You can also validate existing address files and do this periodically. The API uses smart technology that detects and corrects spelling errors.

Save time and money

At the end of the day, you really do save a lot of money. Addresses get entered much faster and there is no need to maintain seperate address systems anymore.

The costs of undelivered parcels will also go down because you only work with error-free addresses that actually exist.

“One wrong address can lead to customer loss or missed sales. If you have a hundred wrong addresses, you can calculate your loss.”

Address data of multiple countries

The API offers addresses from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. Your international customers can fill in their addresses more quickly and without faults using the autocomplete. All your customer has to do is start typing and choose the right address from the suggestions.

New countries are constantly added to the International Address API. As soon as a new country is added, you can request its addresses immediately. No hassle with extra subscriptions, acces to all available countries is covered by one subscription.


It is important to work with reliable data, which is why we only work with official sources such as postal companies and governments. As a result, you are assured of high quality and accurate data: completely up-to-date!

It's nice to have reliable data, but without reliable servers it's of no use. That's why we do everything we can to make sure our servers are always up. And with a response time of 0.02 seconds, they are also fast!

Reliability is very important, as is privacy. With us there are no shadowy free models that resell your data or trackers that follow what you or your customers do. Your data is safe with us.

API Prices

Tier prices are including validations. Up to the Tier amount you can perform a mix of validations. Prices and quantities are per year. After registering an account it is possible to try the APIs for free. Testing the API is without obligations.

Tier 1€50

International Address API

1,667 validations (€0.03 each)
1,250 validations (€0.04 each)

Dutch Postcode API

12,500 validations (€0.004 each)

Tier 2€100

The most popular!

International Address API

5,405 validations (€0.0185 each)
3,049 validations (€0.0328 each)

Dutch Postcode API

40,650 validations (€0.00246 each)

Tier 3€250

International Address API

17,730 validations (€0.0141 each)
8,333 validations (€0.03 each)

Dutch Postcode API

133,333 validations (€0.001875 each)

Tier 4€500

International Address API

44,248 validations (€0.0113 each)
18,315 validations (€0.0273 each)

Dutch Postcode API

333,333 validations (€0.0015 each)

Tier 5€1,000

International Address API

106,383 validations (€0.0094 each)
40,000 validations (€0.025 each)

Dutch Postcode API

800,000 validations (€0.00125 each)


  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • A validation is a bundle of related requests that were used to validate an address.
  • Subscriptions are automatically upgraded when the maximum of the Tier is reached.
  • If the highest Tier is exceeded, usage will be invoiced in blocks of 10% and the rates of this Tier apply.
  • Request count is based on when only one single country is used.
  • Tier prices per year, excluding VAT.

Which Tier do I need?

Enter the desired number of validations to calculate which Tier best fits your usage. Not sure about the necessary Tier? You can always start on a lower Tier, your subscription will be automatically upgraded to a matching Tier based on your usage.

International Address API
Dutch Postcode API

Recommended Tier

Tier :

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Address Autocomplete API

Autocomplete addresses for multiple countries quickly and easily, based on a single input field! Provides suggestions when typing and works on partial or full addresses regardless of spelling errors.


Autocomplete voorbeeld

Address details

Get all address details for an address suggested by the above autocomplete method. Receive a formatted address, all separate address fields and coordinates.


Autocomplete address details voorbeeld

Supported countries

Get the list of countries supported by the autocomplete method. This will automatically determine whether a specific country can be used for the autocomplete method.

Dutch address postcode API

Enter postcode and house number and automatically receive the street and city name (Official or NEN5825 spelling).


2011TK 41 B
Haarlem, Zijlstraat 41B, 2011TK, woonfunctie, 55 m², etc.

Dutch postcode range API


Enter postcode to find matching streets with their possible house number ranges.

This API can be used to find the associated street names and house numbers based on postcode. Although a postcode and house number combinations is unique, a postcode can have separate odd/even house number ranges across different streets.


Prins Hendrikstraat 1 t/m 3, Prins Hendrikstraat 2, Wilhelminastraat 10 t/m 30, etc.

Dutch address exact API


Enter the exact city, street and house number and the API returns the correct postcode. The Address Exact API can be used in web sites or CRM systems to validate if an already validated address is still valid, even if the postcode has changed.

The Address Exact API enriches addresses with already valid street and city names. Spelling errors and the like are not corrected.


haarlem julianastraat 30
Haarlem, Julianastraat 30, 2012ES, kantoorfunctie, 643m², etc.

Dutch address Geo API


Enter a Latitude / longitude to find the nearest address.

Extra information is given about the address, such as coordinates, zoning information and area size in square meters.


103242, 487716
Haarlem, Julianastraat 30, 2012ES, kantoorfunctie, 643m², etc.

API documentation and support

Get started with our easy to implement API. We have ready-to-use plugins for Magento, WooCommerce, Shopware, Opencart and more, as well as modules for languages such as PHP, Perl and Python.

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