Address API

Address autocomplete and validation with an easy to implement API.

International Address Api


Use the API in your webshop or other application to autocomplete addresses automatically and without errors. The International Address API automatic address completion makes online shopping in webshops even easier and ensures that orders always reach the right person. Make sure that you always work with the correct and validated address data in your application.

Validate and correct addresses at the moment of data entry or in batches afterwards. The API makes it all possible.


  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria
  • +2 more…

National Postcode database

Always the most up-to-date and valid addresses in a database.

National Postcode database


Simplify address entry and always have correct address data in your system. All postcodes, house numbers and official street and city names in the Netherlands are in the National Postcode Database.

The database is further complemented with object information such as living area and coordinates, making the database suitable for multiple purposes.


  • The Netherlands

Adres API Demo

What you need to know about Dutch postcodes and addresses

The Dutch postcode system works different from those of other countries. A Dutch postcode and house number gives a unique combination for identifying the street and city. This makes data entry or address validation fast and easy, you only have to ask a Dutch client for the postcode and house number, provides the solutions for automatically adding the correct street and city names.

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